This awesome tasting smoothie for joint pain combines natural components that may help lessen joint torment and other arthritic symptoms. It additionally contains supplements like bromelain, curcumin and gingerols that have been shown in examination studies to fight inflammation all through your body. There are many ingredients in this joint pain smoothie treatment.

Smoothie ingredients and why they are utilized for arthritis treatment

• Pineapple
Tasty pineapple is loaded with vitamin C which is a strong free radical for diminishing inflammation inside of your body. However a more imperative segment for treating rheumatoid arthritis and different types of joint torment is the proteolytic catalyst bromelain that can be found principally in the heart of this tropical fruit. Concentrated bromelain enzymes have been effectively utilized to cure osteoarthritis as a part of experimental studies, yet you can likewise get bromelain by mixing up fresh pineapple with its core included in your smoothies.

• Parsley
Parsley is extraordinary in smoothies and with the end goal of treating joint inflammation it contains some capable nutrition. This dull green herb is rich in vitamin K for fitting calcium metabolism, cancer prevention agent vitamin C, beta-carotene, quercetin and different flavonoids and intense mitigating inflammable oils like myristicin.

• Coconut oil
Extra-virgin coconut oil with its intense polyphenols and lauric and capric acid is regularly prescribed as both an osteoarthritis and rheumatoid joint pain treatment. This study found that the polyphenolic fragment of virgin coconut oil particularly ensured against the outflow of inflammatory genes like COX-2, iNOS, TNF-an and IL-6 that are included in creating arthritic pain. It is full of essential unsaturated fats that your body needs to work legitimately. It is an effective anti-inflammatory and even great for weight reduction.

• Strawberries
These sweet berries are really good and contain intense anti-inflammatory and antioxidant anthocyanins. Additionally it is high in vitamin C that battles irritation from free radicals and strawberries are an awesome tasting version to this smoothie for battling difficult joints. A Harvard School of Public Health study discovered eating strawberries diminished levels of C-reactive protein in the blood. C-reactive protein is a powerful marker of inflammation and frequently spikes throughout rheumatoid joint inflammation flare ups. Sadly strawberries are consistently splashed with pesticides. If you cannot get them natural then verify you absorb them in hot water and a sprinkle of apple vinegar for a couple of minutes to incredibly lessen any chemicals on them.

• Organic carrot
Carrots are utilized as a part of customary Chinese medicine for excruciating joints and are accepted to help in recuperating the ligaments and bringing alleviation for joint agony. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, carrots are additionally a brilliant alkalizer of your body, serving to decrease acidic conditions that assist irritation. You should look for natural carrots that ingest both great and terrible, starting from its earliest stage developed in.

• Celery
Celery is capable nourishment, loaded with supplements like luteolin that has been proposed in studies as a potential osteoarthritis treatment. Celery juice is regularly suggested on joint inflammation discussions however mixed celery is surprisingly better as you are getting the greater part of the vegetable in an effectively absorbed structure. It is also known to be characteristic diuretic. Incorporating celery in your eating regimen can help with flushing uric crystals out of your body that can generally collect around your joints and cause the joint agony and arthritis symptoms.

• Ginger
Ginger is awesome in anti-arthritis smoothie and gives a stimulating kick to the flavor. If you do not want to consume ginger yet maybe you should attempt it with a miniature piece toward the beginning and gradually build it after some time. Its capable impacts on joint inflammation surely make it well worth adding to this smoothie formula. One main thing to note with ginger is that it can have a mellow blood diminishing impact. This is by and large something to be thankful for but you have to talk about this with your specialist if you are right now taking blood thinning medicine and abstain from taking them in the meantime as a smoothie with ginger in it.

• Turmeric
It contains a substance called curcumin which has been indicated in experimental examination to lessen the agony and stiffness of both rheumatoid joint pain and osteoarthritis. Numerous individuals take pills day by day yet it is modest to get high curcumin powdered turmeric like this and add it to both appetizing recipes and smoothies. Turmeric has a gentle flavor and with the various extraordinary tasting fixings you won’t see it past the orange tinge of your smoothie.

Here is the list with the ingredients:

1. A quarter of a pineapple cleaned and chopped. The top and base of the pineapple and particularly the heart are best for joint inflammation treatment.
2. Two branches of parsley. They have to be chopped.
3. One tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil.
4. One carrot cleaned and chopped.
5. A bunch of strawberries, natural, green tops uprooted.
6. One celery stalk, ideally natural, doused and scoured.
7. One teaspoon of turmeric
8. A quarter to half inch piece of new ginger, cut finely.
9. Healthful “milk” on your decision. Almond or hemp milk is great, as is probiotic kefir or genuine unflavored and bio-live yogurt. Coconut water or a blend of half coconut milk in half water is an incredible alternative.

How to prepare the superfood smoothie:

  • Cut the green highest points of the strawberries. If not natural then douse the strawberries, parsley and celery in boiling hot water with a splash of apple juice vinegar. Deplete and add the strawberries to the blender. Grind the parsley stalks and toss them into the blender container alongside the heads.
  • Scour the celery and carrots under warm water. Cut them up to a size your blender can deal with and toss them into the blender container. Two or three inches will be fine for an effective blender.
  • Skin and cut the pineapple into pieces so that your blades can deal with. In case you are cutting the entire pineapple, utilize the top and base pieces and keep the rest for eating. In case you do not eat the heart of the pineapple typically you can keep them in a container in the refrigerator to utilize particularly for this smoothie formula.
  • Include the coconut oil, turmeric and ginger and pour whatever “milk” you have chosen to use until it achieves most of the way up your blender container. Hold down the cover and mix on high until the consistency looks finely blended.
  • The mixture of the strawberry pink, parsley green and carrot and turmeric orange does turn this smoothie an intriguing color. It tastes awesome and is incredible for your body for joint pain as well as against an entire host of other wellbeing issues including irritation.

Anti-arthritis smoothie treatment and timing

Some individuals see a decrease in joint pain side effects not long after taking the individual superfoods in this smoothie formula like coconut oil or ginger, or utilizing turmeric or bromelain pills. By joining them into an effectively edible and absorbed beverage, the useful impacts ought to be much more pronounced. The best time to make and consume this smoothie for joint torment would be no less than an hour prior to you experience bad joint inflammation side effects. So if this is in the morning then attempt this smoothie for breakfast. If it is in the afternoon consume it for lunch. On the other hand if nighttimes are the point at which your joint pain is worst then attempt it before supper.

This Honey, Lemon and Cinnamon Based Drink Will Speed Up Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight

Starving yourself is the toughest part of the struggle with excess pounds. Snacking only a few celery stalks throughout the day is a bad idea as well.

We often forget that physical activity is important for us. When was the last time you drank 8 glasses of water throughout the day? Water is important for you, but you often forget it.

There’re people who exercise every day, eat well, drink plenty of water, and they still can’t lose weight.We suggest that you try our powerful combo. Combine lemon, honey, and cinnamon. That’s pretty much everything you need to do.

The ingredients of this slimming drink boost digestion, eliminate toxic matter, and melt fat.

Lemons are packed with pectin, a polysaccharide that keeps you full for loner, and you’ll be able to deal with the cravings.

Honey and warm water make a nice alkaline combination that breaks down fat easily.

Cinnamon boosts digestion, regulates insulin levels, and regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates. It helps your body use the nutrients from the food you eat, and also keeps you full for longer.


  • 1 tsp. cinnamon powder, freshly ground
  • ½ lemon, juiced
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • 1 glass of warm water


Combine the ingredients together, and enjoy your slimming drink!


For optimal results, drink the aromatic liquid before you eat or drink anything.

Avoid commercial suppressants, because these impose a serious threat to your health.

Always consult your doctor before you try natural homemade.

The Best Medicine Against Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that can be formed from your body and is closely linked with diet.Excess cholesterol is very harmful because it can form plaque between the layers of the artery walls, making it harder for your heart to circulate blood.

Plaque can break open and cause blood clots. If a clot blocks an artery that feeds the brain, it causes a stroke. If it blocks an artery that feeds the heart, it causes a heart attack (source).

Heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases are among the leading cause of death and now kill more than 800,000 adults in the US each year. Two main reasons people have heart disease or stroke are high blood pressure and cholesterol (source).

This powerful mixture was used by Amish people for a long time ago. Especially can be used to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Recipe For Medicine Against Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

  • 1 garlic clove (grated)
  • 1 tsp. of lemon juice
  • 1 piece of ginger (grated)
  • 1 tsp. of organic honey
  • 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar


Just place all the ingredients in a blender and blend at high speed. Place the mixture in the refrigerator to stay 5 days before use.

It is recommended to be consumed before a meal but not more than 3 times a day. You can see the first positive results after a week.


Ask your doctor about any dietary changes you may decide to make. Herbs can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications.


You are tired of diets that are exhausting and make you feel tired all the time. If you are looking for something that will help you lose weight and at the same time fill you up with amazing amounts of energy this is the right thing for you.

Made of extremely healthy and health beneficial ingredients this smoothie will help you reach your goal very fast without having to suffer from the episodes of tiredness and lack of will that are usual in some diets. This 3 ingredient easy to make smoothie will also boost up your health because it has a variety of health benefits besides that is good slimming drink.

To make this smoothie you will need the following


  • ¼ cabbage head
  • 200 ml Aloe Vera juice
  • 1 teaspoon of grinded ginger root.


Put the ingredients in a blender and mix until it is all well homogenized. If can also enrich the taste of your smoothie by adding cucumber or mint leaves, but the smoothie does not taste bad at all.

Health benefits of this weight loss smoothie

Why to drink it:

This smoothie is perfect for weight loss. Whole cabbage has around 250 calories so this smoothie is really low in calories. It is rich in fiber that regulates blood sugar levels, provide the feeling od satiety and improve digestion.  Besides helping you lose weight it will also give you enough energy to go through all your daily routines. This smoothie will also boost up the digestive system, speed up the metabolism, prevent constipation and reduce ulcers and similar digestive problems by significant percent. Cabbage is also effective detoxifying agent, so regular use of this smoothie will help you get rid of all stored toxins from your body. Regular use of this drink will also improve the appearance and quality of your skin. We all know the amazing benefits aloe vera has for skin, so this drink rich in vitamins A, C and E is also valuable for the health of your skin.

Thanks to the properties of cabbage and ginger, this smoothie is also effective in lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Cabbage has the ability to reduce swelling so this is another healthy benefit of the smoothie.


When the spring comes it is all around us. We can see the bright yellow flowers everywhere around us and then we are reminded of the amazing benefits dandelion weed has for our health.You can eat it fresh or you can cook it, but having in mind amazing benefits people found many ways to introduce this weed in their nutrition, so it can be used as tea, coffee, salad, juice, honey…. Whatever way you choose to use it, your body will have amazing benefits.


This plant contains a variety of valuable essential oils, minerals as potassium and iron and vitamin C. dandelion can boost your health in so many ways. It is used as diuretic with properties to improve the functioning of kidneys, liver and stomach. Using root of the plant can help you clean and strengthen the body. It is used to treat allergies, respiratory organs, skin conditions, ulcers, to lower cholesterol and regulation of irregular menstruations. Leaves have positive effect on urinary infections, liver and bile problems and can help you clean the blood of toxins. Flowers are good for colds, bronchitis and gum inflammations.  Recent researches showed that dandelion is more effective in killing cancer cells better than conventional treatments.


Dandelion root coffee

To prepare this drink you need fresh dandelion root. Clean it and wash it well. Cut it in small pieces and place it on a pan. Put it in preheated oven and bake on low temperature until it completely dries. Then grind it and prepare it as you usually prepare your coffee.

Dandelion juice

Pick fresh leaves and roots of dandelion and wash them well. Grind them in a blender and strain the juice. Add 2 teaspoons in a glass of milk and drink every morning on empty stomach for 20 days in a row. You can also add some honey to this drink for better taste. This will help you treat stomach problems.

Dandelion tea

Tea made from root of this plant has amazing health benefits. To prepare it you need to add fresh clean root in boiling water and cook for 2-3 minutes. Then remove and let cool down, but not completely, just until it becomes drinkable.

Dandelion salad

Pick baby leaves of dandelion plant and wash them well. Make a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and garlic, salt and pepper. Mix it all well and let it aside for half hour and then you can eat it.

Dandelion honey

Homemade honey prepared from the flowers is good natural remedy for respiratory disorders. To make it you need about 180 flowers of dandelion, 1 liter of water, 2 lemons and 1 ¼ kg of sugar (brown). Put the flowers in the water and cook them for 2 hours on low heat. Stir occasionally. Then strain to remove the flowers and add the sugar. Continue cooking for another hour stirring occasionally. Add lemon slices and cook for another half hour. Then remove from heat and let it cool down. Store in glass container and keep in dark and cold place.


50% of the world population has been infected with these bacteria once in a lifetime. Helicobacter pylori are bacteria that infect the stomach and causes serious health problems. These bacteria can only infect this organ of the digestive system, and gets stuck under the mucus membranes on the stomach walls.

It can cause serious inflammation of the stomach membranes, gastritis and ulcers. This type of bacteria can live in the high acidic environment of the stomach mostly because it has the ability to neutralize it.


The most common ways to infect with helicobacter pylori is from fresh food that is not well washed, filthy water or dirty hands. Usually we get infected during childhood and start experiencing symptoms later in life. this happens because this bacteria has remain in the digestive system for years without showing any signs that it is actually in there.


Very high percent of people that are infected with these bacteria don’t feel any symptoms. Among the most common signs of helicobacter pylori are pain in the upper abdomen, heart burn, nausea, bloating, improper digestion or vomiting. People infected with these bacteria are very prone to ulcers and gastritis as well as some serious stomach problems.


Conventional medicine has developed protocols for treating helicobacter pylori infections. This is mostly because these bacteria are resistant to standard anti biotic therapy. If you choose conventional medicine treatments you need to be persistent and follow everything your doctor advices you including your therapy.

From the other side if you chose alternative ways of treating this infection the most important thing you need to know is what food you need to eat and what not. It will be very important to pay attention on the hygiene in order to prevent further complications with helicobacter pylori infection.


A recent discovery of Japanese doctor in treating helicobacter pylori natural way has proven to be very effective and it is so simple and completely natural. This doctor describes the treatment on how to kill these harmful bacteria and completely remove it from your digestive system using only one simple thing-broccoli.  You need one middle size broccoli, boiling water and some sea salt. Put cleaned and washed broccoli head in a pot with boiling water and add some sea salt. Let it boil for 2 minutes and remove from heat and wait for it to cool down. You can add some grated ginger to improve the taste of broccoli or just because of ginger’s anti bacterial properties.  Eat this for breakfast every day for a month and helicobacter pylori will disappear from your stomach.


Broccoli is one of the super foods. It is rich in fiber and vitamin B6, which is amazing for the health of the digestive system. It is also rich in vitamin K and C and minerals like magnesium, chromium, selenium, and more. Broccoli is rich in anti oxidants and with amazing anti inflammatory properties. Broccoli is also listed as one of the best foods that can help treating cancer.


Clogged arteries are very dangerous condition, because the deposits that form on the walls of blood vessels reduce the amount of blood that comes to the organs and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. The deposits form as a result of bad nutrition that is main greasy food, large amounts of sugar and processed food.

When these deposits start forming on the blood vessel walls, the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood raises. What you need to do is immediately change the way you feed yourself and start eating healthy unprocessed food and drink plenty of water. There is a big number of natural remedies that can help you improve your health in dealing with this problem. Here is also a list of ingredients you can add to your meal plan, that can help you clean your arteries.


If you eat avocado every day for a week it can lower the level of cholesterol in the blood by 17% while raising the level of good cholesterol at the same time. Avocado is also good for your general health so make sure you eat it regularly. You can add it to your salad or make fresh tasty dips.

Vegetable that is very rich in fiber and vitamin K. dietary fiber is effective in regulating the blood pressure and cholesterol while vitamin K prevents the damaging of arteries.

A serving of spinach a day significantly lowers the risk of heart attack because it is rich in potassium and folic acid. Eat it every day along with similar leafy green vegetables.

Nuts are perfect healthy snack. Almonds are full with vitamin E while walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids. They lower the level of cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases and heart attack.

Wholegrain cereal

Brown rice and oats are the healthiest wholegrain cereal. They are rich of soluble fiber that helps lower the cholesterol levels and prevents the risk of heart diseases.

Olive oil
Olive oil is healthy but it is very caloric and you need to be careful on the amounts you are using. People in the late years that use olive oil every day lower the risk of heart attack by 41%. Use it in salads and dressings make sure not to treat in thermally.

Sea fish
Salmon sardine and tuna are the amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids. Eat these kinds of fish at least twice a week to prevent heart attack, reduce cholesterol level and inflammations.

Spice with powerful anti inflammatory properties that can lower the risk of arteriosclerosis and deposits of fat in the arteries.

Just a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can lower sediments of fat in the blood vessels and lower the risk of clogged arteries. It can also lower the level of bad cholesterol by amazing 25%.

Green tea
Green tea is beneficial for the heart. It contains catechins that are nutrients that can lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. Drinking green tea daily can also prevent diabetes and various types of cancer.