Homemade Remedy For Hair Growth – You Will Leave Everyone Speechless

Beautiful and shiny hair is the dream of every woman. However, maintaining the health and look of your hair is getting increasingly difficult with all the air pollution and use of harmful commercial products.

All these factors can ruin your fragile hair and rob it of nutrients, leaving it lifeless and looking unpleasant. However, there’s a simple natural remedy you can prepare at home that will significantly improve the quality of your hair! Here’s how to prepare it:


1 egg yolk

½ a banana

½ a glass of beer

1 tablespoon of organic honey


Just mix all the ingredients in a blender until you get a homogenous mixture. Once prepared, apply it on your hair evenly and leave it to work for a couple of hours. Don’t worry if your scalp burns – it’s a sign that the remedy is working. Repeat the process every few days and your hair will look beautiful again in just a short time!

Lose Weight Very Fast with the Lemon-Diet!

Numerous studies have shown that the lemon is very effective if you search for an ally which will help you to lose excess weight. If you are struggling with excess weight then it is the right time to start consuming lemons and experience their beneficial effects on your own.

If you use regularly lemons, you may lose up to half a kilogram a day. You should only avoid the foods rich in calories.

Besides this, lemons have many other benefits. Lemons will also clean your body from the unwanted body toxins which accumulates very fast due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Lemons also strengthen the immune system. The immune system must be strong; otherwise you are exposed to many diseases.

One famous star has used this diet, and her results were amazing. Beyoncé has accepted this diet and she managed to lose 38 kilograms after her pregnancy period.


• 8 cups of water
• Juice of 6 lemons
• 10 mint leaves
• ½ cup of honey
• Few ice cubes

Heat the water to approximately 60 degrees. Then add the 10 mint leaves, honey, mint leaves and the ice cubes and put it in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours. Then, strain the mixture and it is ready for use. Add few ice cubes in every glass of this mixture. When you consume cold drinks the body consumes extra energy to warm up the body and because of that you will lose fat.

You should take a glass of lemonade before breakfast and this should become a habit. Consume more fruit salads as a breakfast meal. When the hunger comes, drink another glass of lemonade and take few almonds as a snack.

Boiled eggs and lettuce salad is the perfect lunch which effectively contribute to melting the fat cells.

Few hours after the lunch, take another glass of lemonade and eat a piece of your favorite fruit. Grilled chicken or fish is the perfect meal for dinner. Combine it with some salad of your choice. Drink another lemonade glass 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.

Try the above mentioned solution with lemonade glasses and you should notice the results very quickly. It is important to avoid food with high amount of calories and it is recommended to stretch the muscles in the mornings.

How To Fight Diabetes, Triglycerides, Cholesterol And Ulcer With Fig Fruit And Leaves

This fruit comes from western Asia, which was used since antiquity, was well known for its great healing values. Probably not many people know that fig is a very healthy food.

Imbalances in blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides can be one of the most complicated conditions to combat and can become a constant struggle, which restricts an impressive amount of unhealthy foods that significantly affect these values , This causes people to completely change their lives and maintain a lifelong diet that helps them maintain healthy levels.

If you belong to this group of people, you will appreciate how the figs and the leaves of your tree can help you considerably with this problem.

Believe it or not this great fruit can be used as a home treatment to combat high blood sugar levels, cholesterol, triglycerides and ulcers, we will tell you here in this article how you should use it.

Figs, the solution to fight diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides

The figs are a quite delicious fruit and has a lot of medicinal properties that will surprise you, in addition to the fruit the leaves of your tree, can also be used as a treatment for different diseases, now we will mention some of its benefits.

1.- For diabetes, the leaves of the tree of this fruit has large amounts of insulin, so if you have diabetes and are insulin-dependent you will like to know that the water consumption of this leaf decreases the need to inject this substance, To prepare it you must only boil drinking water, then remove the fire and place the leaves, this is left to stand covered for a period of 15 minutes before consuming.

2.- For triglycerides the water of this prepared leaf is also used in the same way as mentioned above, if you want the triglycerides to have appropriate levels, then it is most advisable to consume this water frequently. It can also help prevent heart attacks and prevent overweight.

3.- For ulcers, if you want to treat stomach ulcers we recommend chewing the leaf and swallowing the resulting juice.

4.- For constipation, the fruit has a large amount of fiber that not only helps you fight constipation but also maintains good cholesterol levels and improves and accelerates the functioning of the digestive system, so it will also be convenient to consume if You want to lose a few pounds.

Although there may be many people who think that being a very sweet fruit is not recommended its use in certain cases, anyone can consume them, in fact it is recommended to include it in our diet, thus guarantee your stomach health, avoiding the onset of gastritis , Ulcers and problems related to heartburn and reflux.

Its properties promote the proper functioning of the digestive system and guarantee the general well-being of your entire body, so do not hesitate to use it and begin to enjoy its benefits and the great benefits of tea consumption that you can prepare with your leaves.


Nowadays, a lot of women and men as well, dye their hair on a regular basis with store-bought dyes. However, the problem with these dyes is that they contain harmful chemicals that have side effects. Luckily, there is a completely natural method to achieve the hair look you’ve always wanted, without exposing your scalp and hair to chemicals.

If you want to have a shiny hair, you need to mix a tbsp of olive oil, a tbsp of honey, and an egg. Afterwards, apply the mixture onto a wet hair and rub it into the scalp. Next, put on a shower cap and leave the paste for half an hour. Afterwards, wash the hair as regularly.

If you want to lighten your hair, you should mix 4 tbsp of cinnamon powder and 2 tbsp of honey. Apply the content onto wet hair and comb it. Next, wrap the hair in a plastic wrap and leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then rinse it off. The longer you keep the mixture onto the hair, the lighter the shade will be. The results will leave you speechless!


According to scientists, the fruit with the best health benefits in the world is dates. They have the power to alleviate and prevent numerous health problems like cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

When added to one’s diet, dates will improve the body’s metabolism due to the richness in nutrients. Below, there is a list of the 8 health properties of dates. Let’s take a look:

They have an abundance of iron

If you suffer from anemia or if you’re pregnant, dates are an excellent food for you. The needed daily amount is 100 grams which contains around 0.9 mg of iron or 11% of the recommended daily intake of iron. Iron is also beneficial for the hemoglobin and the red blood cells and it also encourages the oxygen flow through the blood.

They prevent diarrhea

Dates are rich in potassium, an essential mineral which prevents diarrhea by alleviating the gut flora and the intestines and thus, it stimulates the creation of good bacteria.

They soothe constipation

If you suffer from constipation, you can stop it by leaving few dates in a glass of water overnight and then drinking the liquid in the morning. This will better your digestion and the laxative properties will alleviate the constipation.

They control body weight

Eating dates on an empty stomach is a great way to prevent surplus fat. However, don’t exaggerate with their consumption as they’re rich in sugar.

They regulate the cholesterol levels

Dates balance the cholesterol levels by cleansing the blood vessels and preventing blood clots.

They strengthen the heart

To make your heart stronger, soak few dates in water overnight and in the morning, remove the dates from the water and take out the seeds. Next, blend the seeds in a blender and consume them on their own or add them to smoothies or other foods.

They regulate blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you should definitely add dates to your diet as they’re rich in potassium and free of sodium. 5 to 6 dates have 80 mg of magnesium, an important mineral, which spreads through the blood vessels and betters the blood flow. 370 mg of magnesium are needed for reduction of the blood pressure.

They prevent strokes

The potassium in dates improves the health of the nervous system and thus lowers the risk of strokes. 400 mg of potassium daily is the amount needed to prevent strokes.


Nothing is as harmful to your weight reduction efforts as your body’s urgent need to hold on its fat stores. If you give your body any sign that supplements or calories are insufficient, or in the event that you eat excessive amount of fat for your movement level and body type, your body hold onto fat with a tight grasp.

Fortunately, you can oppose your body’s natural inclinations and initiate your fat burning hormones while moderating the fat storing cues in your body.


The primary hormone that is in charge of fat smoldering is testosterone.

Then again, fat storing hormones are estrogen, insulin, and cortisol. Estrogen is the female sex hormone. For ladies, it can prompt fat maintenance on the grounds that your body is continually holding so as to attempt to set you up for pregnancy by holding onto a bit of additional weight.

Cortisol is known as the anxiety hormone. If you are continually in battle or-flight mode, fighting tight due dates, or attempting to juggle an excess of obligations, it is likely that cortisol is making your body hang onto to fat.

Obviously, the way to blazing fat is at the same time knocking your testosterone while minimizing your fat storing hormones. Take after these three stages to do as so.

Testosterone is the answer for overabundance of estrogen. Then again, do not turn to fake arrangements like testosterone injections or medications. Maybe, you can actually energize testosterone in your body by weight training and doing continuance training.

For ladies, this may mean hitting the heavier weights, boosting muscle mass, and doing more cardio training. Moreover, these things will assist you with blazing more fat.

In the event that your body builds up a resistance to insulin, you may see your fat stores increment impressively. The fastest approach to create insulin resistance is to devour a lot of sugar. Given the overabundance of sugary beverages and nourishments in the American diet, it is really simple to do this.
Start searching for changes you can make in your eating routine to minimize your sugar admission and equalization your eating routine.

The last step in this procedure is ceasing the improvement of abundance cortisol in your body. Regardless of the possibility that you take after the other two stages, you are as yet going to have a little layer of stomach fat if you cannot quit worrying.

Remember that cortisol is delivered in light of physical, mental, and enthusiastic anxiety. You have to address every one of the three wellsprings of anxiety.

This may mean learning relaxation approaches like meditation, yoga, and care. These procedures assist you with taking care of mental anxiety while minimizing the physical side effects of anxiety that expand cortisol creation.
In the event that you cannot dispose the fat, it may not be your ailing. It is unmistakable that hormones assume a major part in fat maintenance and blazing. By taking after these three stages, you can boost your body’s capability to smolder fat.


Did you know that the health of the adrenal glands influences on the health of your hair, nails, and quality of sleep? The adrenal glands are located on the top of the kidneys and they are endocrine glands which are responsible for the release of hormones like steroids and adrenaline. These hormones are very important because they regulate the blood pressure and improve the immunity and the rate of metabolism.

When these hormones are released in your body, the body is capable of handling stress. Therefore, when there is an obstruction to the proper functioning of the adrenal glands, a lot of serious health problems can occur. In order to improve the functioning of your adrenal glands, we’ve prepared a recipe for a very potent natural cure that a lot of people swear by. Let’s take a look:

You will need:

Raw honey

Dried parsley leaves

Ground ginger

Brazilian nuts


Preparation: Blend the parsley and the Brazilian nuts in a blender and then add the raisins, ginger, and honey. Blend the ingredients for a few minutes.

Use: Take two tbsp of the remedy in the morning, prior to breakfast. Take it two or three times per week.

This beneficial natural cure will boost your adrenal gland and you will soon feel the positive changes in your body. Namely, your quality of sleep will better, your hair will be and look healthier, and your nails will no longer break off at the smallest aggravation; instead, they will be healthy and strong.